Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Adrenalin Group's "Fistful of Brains" and the zombie-western genre

So, The Adrenalin Group, the guys behind "Forever Dead" and "The Second Death", are currently in production on "A Fistful of Brains", a zombie-western. If you've seen their movies, they really seem to be getting better and better and now, this production's got Heidi Martinuzzi and Chuck Williams (piles of horror credits) in it. Also, make sure you go check out the site for "A Fistful of Brains" over at, it's a great site with lots of cool stuff on it, including a trailer, blog, etc. Can't wait to see it, guys.

Hearing about "A Fistful of Brains" made me think about how there seems to be a few zombie-westerns coming out lately, most namely "The Quick and the Undead" and the lesser known "The Wretched" from a few years back, starring Chow Yun Fat. I like the idea of zombies in a western setting, for some reason it seems to fit really well. What I'd like to see next is zombies in a Roman setting, basically "Gladiator" meets "Dawn of the Dead", where there's a zombie outbreak, due to some curse and they have to fight them off. Actually, maybe we could throw in some mythical creatures, too. So, it'll be more like... "Clash of the Titans" meets "28 Days Later", where there's a war between to the two worlds (Gods vs. Perseus, obviously) and the Gods unleash the curse of the dead, which Perseus has to deal with... along with Medusa, the Kraken monster and that massive squid creature. It can be called "Clash of the Titans: Perseus and the Legion of the Dead". Man alive, someone get me an agent... this is pure gold.

In conclusion, I'll leave you with a little gem that I came across when I googled "zombie western"

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