Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Screen Gems to remake "The Stepfather"

Why throw an original horror screenplay into development with a young, up and coming director when you can remake an old one with an aging director who doesn't really know horror and has been doing TV for the bulk of his career? Ask Screen Gems... they're continuing their return to film production by remaking "The Stepfather" with director Nelson McCormick, who just wrapped up another remake, "Prom Night".

Taking a quick look through the top 100 box office movies of the year, so far... horror comes in at 26. "1408", 29. "Halloween", 46. "The Number 23", 47. "Zodiac", 52. "28 Weeks Later", 53. "Mr. Brooks", 54. "Hannibal Rising", 58. "Resident Evil: Extinction", 59. "The Reaping", 67. "The Hills Have Eyes 2", 76. "Hostel Part II", 78. "The Hitcher", 95. "Primeval".

First off, I'm not sure what my point is... but is it weird that "The Number 23" came in at 46, which is double 23? In any case... WAY too many sequels and remakes AND I'm thinking that remakes of "Prom Night" and "The Stepfather" will be more like 2007's version of "The Hitcher" than "Halloween". Bottom line, quit it with the remakes, there's plenty of good, new horror out there... let the kid's play!

The original "Prom Night" and apparently "The Stepfather" isn't available:

Horror movies available from the top 100 for 2007:


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