Thursday, June 26, 2008

Distributing your indie-horror film part II

We were talking about distributors a while ago... actually, almost 2 months ago now. I had promised that I'd keep doing a post every week until we had all of them in here and, well... this is the second post. So, sorry, too much other cool stuff going on, excuse me all to hell. Anyhow, further to what I was saying last time... I definitely feel that your first move after finishing your film is to push the festivals as hard as you can, that way you hope the distributors approach you, and with a few awards, you'll get a better deal. However, if that's not an option, you can contact them and send them screeners. Now, if a distributor is interested in your film, always read the fine print on a contract, weigh your options and think about any decision you make. I would also like to mention that if anyone wants to share any stories about dealing with distributors, good or bad, please send me an email. Really, we're a community here and we need to look out for each other. There's a lot of sharks out there and they prey on indie filmmakers, especially the ones that dress like seals. With that, let's look at five more distributors...

TLA releasing - From their site: "Launched in 2001 by TLA Entertainment Group in Philadelphia, TLA Releasing is dedicated to broadening the choices available to film lovers by specializing in quality independent, international and gay/lesbian-themed films by distributing them in theaters and on home video." I will say this about TLA, they do have a horror category that they call "Danger After Dark" and they are actively looking for new aquisitions. Recently, they've released such titles as "Meatball Machine", "Hell's Ground" and "Storm".

Tempe Entertainment - From their site: "TEMPE VIDEO was first spawned as a mail-order distributor in the summer of 1991 as an offshoot of producer/director J.R. Bookwalter's The Suburban Tempe Company (later Tempe Entertainment). Their first release, BASIC HOW-TO HALLOWEEN MAKEUPS VOLUME ONE, paved the way for many more VHS releases to come and spawned an offshoot label, Video Outlaw, in 1994. Tempe Video took a hiatus in 1996 during a move to Los Angeles, California but was resurrected for the digital age as Tempe DVD in 2001." So, these guys specialize in low-budget horror, but are trying to branch out. If you want to submit your film for consideration, go to their FAQ page, the instructions are all there. Recently, they've released such titles as "Bonejacks Splatter Platters", "Teenape Goes to Camp" and "The Bonesetter".

Indican Pictures - From their site: "Indican Pictures was opened to better serve the public by filling the void left by the studio acquisitions of Miramax, New Line, Good Machine, October, etc. We are a distributor of quality independent films with an American flair. Our objective from the start has been to establish a reputation as a "quality" company. We have achieved that goal and now look to take our commitment of very high quality products into the home video market. The Indican brand stands for a "quality and trusted" label." Looking through their site, nothing on their site says that they're actively looking for new films, but you can always contact them and give it a go. Recently, they've released such titles as "Black Wine", "Dead in the Water" and "Pariah". To be honest, they don't do a ton of horror, but maybe your film fits with what they're doing.

Anthem Pictures - From their website: "Anthem continues to grow as one of the leading independent film and DVD distribution companies. With over 100 films and television shows, Anthem is the little company that functions like a "micro" studio. With over 6 1/2 years in the marketplace and production industry, Anthem's recognition and brand have grown into a well known name worldwide." One thing that I love is that they have four options to get their titles; DVD, VOD, Burn-On-Demand and Mobile. However, for the life of me, I can't figure out how those options work... Maybe they're new and if so, cool. If I just can't figure it out, please email me and tell me how it works. Either way, with options like that, they could be ones to watch. Recently, they've released such titles as "Dead Moon Rising", "Sex Machine" and "Bloodshed". If you go to the "contacts" page, you can get the email addresses of everyone, so... shoot an email their way and get your film over there.

Dimension Extreme - From their website: "DIMENSION EXTREME is home to the most intense, edgy and provocative programming that will continually push the envelope. Horror films, thrillers, sci-fi adventures, and bawdy, outrageous comedies are a few of the genres that will drive DIMENSION EXTREME." The are, of course, owned by The Weinstein Company and generally just pick up festival movies or big foreign films for North American release, so... I wouldn't go soliciting them, but they're worth mentioning because they come out with a lot of good films and they've really pushed the genre forward. Recently, they've released such titles as "Inside", "Diary of the Dead" and "Teeth".

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